Serves 5

  • Stuff the peach halves with a tsp. of ricotta, (in the dimple) use tinned apricots if peaches are hard to find.
  • Top the dimple with a mint leaf.
  • Wrap the stuffed peach in a Rudd’s Dry Cured Rashers and skewer it. Repeat the process until the whole skewer is done.
  • Grill on a moderate to hot BBQ, until the Rudd’s Dry Cured Rashers is cooked and the ricotta is oozy.


  • 5 Rudd’s Dry Cured Rashers
  • 5 Tinned halved peaches
  • 50g Ricotta cheese
  • 5 Mint leaves



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2015 Rudd’s, Syngefield, Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Designed and developed at Greenhouse