So everyone is coming over to yours for Christmas dinner!  Don’t fret, preparation and planning are key to making this as stress-free as possible, and we have some tips to help you get ready….

Prep Veg

Do this on Christmas Eve, this will save time on the main day.



Ensure to time how long everything will take and work back from the time you are aiming to serve at to ensure everything will be ready in time.  Keep the schedule visible for all to see!


Full Fridge?! 

Where possible, try to reduce the packaging size of the items in your fridge, freeze what you can, and if the day is cold, put all the drinks outside to stay cool- voilà, loads of room!


Get the Family Involved! 

You don’t need to be the hero of the day and do everything on your own.  Share the load and get the family to help out, many hands make light work!


Play Christmas Music

It’ll put you and your helpers in a good mood as you prepare the amazing dinner that everyone is looking forward to!


Start Cold!

If doing starters, opt for something cold so you don’t need to worry about freeing up a hob to cook on.


Don’t Cook Too Much!

Although Christmas is a day (season) of indulgence, there is only so much that can be eaten.  So think through how much is needed in order to feed all your guests before going mad shopping.


Don’t Try Anything New…

This will add to the pressure of the day, and you will be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out as good as expected.


Clean as you go!

You don’t want to be left with a messy kitchen with not a plate or utensil left in the cupboard, so where and when possible, have someone help with cleaning to lessen the work later.



It’s Christmas after all!  Enjoy the day and use the tips above to limit the amount of time required in the kitchen on the day.


December 2015

2015 Rudd’s, Syngefield, Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Designed and developed at Greenhouse