• #1

    Place Rudd's Roulade on top of any salad to create a delicious gourmet salad experience.
  • #2

    Top a grilled Rudd’s Sausage with sliced mozzarella cheese and bake until the cheese melts... yum!
  • #3

    Grill 2 Rudd’s Pudding Roulade, once cooked add to your favorite omelette mixture. The ultimate breakfast omelette!   
  • #4

    Fry Rudd's Sausages slowly on a low heat and add a drop of good olive oil to the pan. Turn until slowly cooked to perfection.
  • #5

    Add Rudd's Rashers to toasted bread, fresh lettuce and tomatoes to create a delicious BLT sandwich.  
  • #6

    Deepen the flavour of your favourite Rudd’s Sausage by roasting them in the oven before serving.
  • #7

    Chop Rudd's Rashers into cubes and cook in a dry pan. Use these to create a delicious crispy bacon salad #getyourruddson
  • #8

    Turn a simple pizza into a gourmet experience with a topping of sliced grilled Rudd’s Sausages, goats' cheese and basil.
  • #9

    Spice up your favourite pasta or salad recipe with a few Rudd’s Sausages added into the pot!
  • #10

    Grill Rudd's Puddings instead of frying, this will keep the puddings intact and is also healthier!
  • #11

    Remove the casing from our Sausages and break up the meat, cooking it in a tomato sauce to make a Ragu that's perfect with pasta!  
  • #12

    Cook a Rudd’s Sausage; place in a soft bread roll. Add some fried onion, melted Swiss cheese and BBQ sauce. The perfect Hot Dog!
  • #13

    Rudd's Rashers are a perfect topping to create a mouth-watering burger.#getyourruddson
  • #14

    Rudd's Roulade with a dressed side salad makes a delicious starter that’s sure to impress!
  • #15

    Rudd’s Sweet Tomato & Onion Filled Rashers are a perfect addition to a lunchtime salad...#getyourruddson  
  • #16

    Spread some cream cheese on a toasted bagel and top with Rudd's Rashers and sliced tomato! #ruddstatic
  • #17

    Squash half an avocado onto some lightly toasted bread, add sliced tomato and top with Rudd's Rashers....yum!  
  • #18

    Spread a grilled Rudd's White Pudding on toast and top with relish, a quick and delicious snack!
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